2017 IWW Convention Voting Guide

The 2017 Convention is fast approaching and now Branches of the IWW have voted or perhaps are just about to vote on the many resolutions proposed. Below is the voting guide our caucus has prepared.

Tampa GMB
Resolution #1:
If passed, IWW will join CIW’s campaign against Wendy’s. Specifically declare solidarity, participate in boycott, call on Wendy’s to sign Fair Food Agreement, and spread word of boycott. Vote yes.

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee
Resolution #1:
If passed, Jimmi Del Duca will be expelled from union. While FW Del Duca has said things that we find uncouth and insulting, it would be a matter of proving FW Del Duca has violated the constitution via charges that should lead to an expulsion. In fact, it seems like a poor practice for convention to expel a member without charges being filed. Vote no.

Resolution #2:
If passed, IWOC will get $8,315 per year from the IWW general membership and IWOC members currently in prison will be exempt from paying dues. Vote yes.

Resolution #3:
If passed, the union will create a travel fund for IWOC’s ex-prisoner members, similar to the Sato Fund administered by the GEC. The Sato Fund has a proven track record in helping women and LGBT members of the union fully participate in the organization, and hopefully this fund would create similar opportunities for ex-prisoners in the union. Vote yes.

Resolution #4:
If passed, the union will print a polemic calling for the abolition of prisons. Vote yes.

Atlanta GMB
Resolution #1:
If passed, the general membership will make a pledge of allegiance to anti-fascism and agree that everyone can do whatever they want while maintaining the official backing of the union. It is one of two political resolutions aimed at a perceived faction, which the IWW should avoid putting forward to referendum. Vote no.

Resolution #2:
If passed, the entire GEB would be recalled and an interim board would be elected. However, despite the trials and tribulations this year the GEB has been able to carry out its usual business as scheduled, proving that the claim the GEB is not able to function false. Vote no.

Los Angeles GMB
Resolution #1:
If passed, language formerly present in the IWW Constitution regarding “job branches” will be re-added. This may help steer the union towards the industrial unionism model. Vote yes.

Baltimore GMB
Resolution #1:
If passed, the IWW constitution would be amended to ensure workers with criminal history will not be barred from membership or holding office. Vote Yes.

Nonviolence and sabotage resolution:
If passed, the IWW will add a special resolution to its constitution and bylaws reaffirming that the IWW does not advocate violence nor forfeit the right to self-defense. We believe this is what the IWW stands for and do not see the need to reaffirm a political resolution aimed at another perceived faction in the IWW at this time. Vote no.

Gender Equity Committee
Resolution #1 – 4:
If passed, the GEC will strike a Conflict Resolutions Committee on Measures of Gender, amend the Constitution and the Manual of Policies and Procedures to reflect that this body is an additional option for complaints in addition to the current charges process.
As written the process is in some ways vague, offers no process for determination of fact, and does nothing to add to the resources made available for terms of immediate relief. Where some necessary reforms of the current charges process could be made these amendments leave the current charges process untouched and provide only for means outside of charges to resolve disputes based in gendered social relations.
It does provide a straightforward means for conflict resolution. This implies that both parties acknowledge there is a conflict worth resolving; otherwise the resolution ought to make clear that when a member feels their constitutional rights have been violated by another member or officer, they should refer to the given, if flawed, charges process.
Vote yes.

Twin Cities GMB

TC 1: Creates an Education Department but subverts the efforts of those who have been building towards creating this already. Members of the chartered exploratory committee for an Ed Department have asked for the union to vote this down. They have provided compelling arguments that the proposal is underdeveloped and that they plan to create an Education Department in a similar way to other successful programs, such as the OTC, were created. Vote no.

Resolution #3: If passed, members of the Audit, Finance, Literature, Gender Equity, and Junior Wobblies Committees would be elected via referendum rather than by convention. This seems like more democratic reform that is not particular cumbersome to the organization, and could potentially increase the pool of candidates for these positions. Vote yes.

Resolution #2:
If passed, the GDC would be able to carry out any action as long as it was labelled as “community self-defense.” The area of work this covers should be well defined and approved by the IWW membership. Vote no.

Resolution #4:
If passed, the GDC will overturn the votes against two previously defeated attempts to get money from the general administration’s budget. These were voted down by the GEB because the GDC maintains its own treasury for this purpose. Vote no.

Resolution #5:
If passed, the so-called “pro-GDC” faction will blatantly oust democratically elected political opponents from the General Executive Board for no other reason than their opposition to their interests. Vote no.

Resolution #6:
If passed, the IWW will be re-structured into an ultra-decentralized organization, exacerbating the problems of branch autonomy, while also ballooning the size of the general administration with branch delegations. In all likeliness the rough state branches tend to be in means only well established branches will be able to truly participate in the process and will effectively run the union. Vote no.

Resolution #7: If passed, the charges process would be dramatically overhauled. While the process does need a change, the resolution seems to be geared towards the charges process becoming a catch-all mediation process rather than one used for when members violate the constitution. The IWW is not a court and cannot be expected to solve all the problems between its members. Vote no.

Resolution #8:
If passed, the 2017 will make a decision on whether or not the IWW will immediately affiliate with the new international of revolutionary unions led by the Spanish CNT. There has not been enough time for the membership to discuss this matter. Vote no.

Madison GMB

Resolution #1: This will be moot if TC#2 is voted down, which we is what we currently endorse.

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